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Business law in the Republic of Moldova

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Business law in the Republic of Moldova
Дата публикации: 28.12.2020 12:55:59
E-mail: office@avocatlk.md
Телефон: +37379427320

Business law in the Republic of Moldova

Law office of Leonid Karagheaur offers qualified services in business area. For a businessman is almost impossible to study and know all the details of legislation, for the simple reason- it is no enough time for that. Situation becomes worse, if the person who planning to set up a business in the Republic of Moldova, is not a citizen of the Republic of Moldova or/and doesn’t know the national language. We are professionals in this area, we now the law, and we have time for that, because this is our job, also, we know 5 languages: Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian and English, that make our pontential communication easier.

Our services in business area:
  • Oral legal advice by telephone or other method of electronic communications on an unrestricted basis;
  • Lodge written legal advice with reference to certain regulations;
  • Providing expert legal advice on the legal documents (contracts, agreements, claims, etc.) for compliance with applicable laws, ie not inconsistent with law;
  • Prepare any legal documents of the company (preparation of contracts, agreements, claims, statements, responses to claims of government officials and business partners, projects, orders, acts of the transmit / receive inventory or return to work of the employee, job instructions and other legally relevant documents);
  • Maintenance of claims activities (training of competent claims of sending and receiving fixing, fixing violations for the court proceedings and correspondence);
  • Participation in negotiations with business partners and with the signing of contracts, inspection provided for signing documents and giving advice to the rule of law and security for the principal business;
  • Legal services for legal entities in court (arbitration court and courts of generaljurisdiction);
Our office is located in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau city, Tighina 65 street, 202 office.
Our contacts: Thelephone number (+373 22) 93 02 94; mobile number (+373) 79427320, fax: (+373 22) 93 02 94 , email office@avocatlk.md.

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